Monday, March 4, 2013


Shout-out to Shawn at 344 Pounds!

Shawn is a well-known weight-loss blogger, and the inspiration for my blog. He lost over 100 pounds in six months by counting calories and exercising - simple and effective.

I don't know him personally, I'm just a fan.

Check out his site. He has an e-book on Amazon now, I may have to get that.

Transformation Progress

I am 60 days into my 90-day-Transformation.

I have lost 1 pound.

I will now go hang myself.

Week 9 - Progress

I'm an @ssh@le.

Every Monday I plan to start my diet and exercise plan, then get derailed by stress. My own negativity makes me give in to my nightly sugar binge. Once Monday's blown, the whole week is shot so why bother.

My all-or-nothing thinking is killing me. But here I am starting again, hopefully I can muster some willpower to get into the groove.